Liebster Award

I was nominated by Michaela from Made for the Moment and Patricia from Let's Talk Books for the Liebster award.
Thanks girls!
But what is Liebster? Liebster is a German word for beloved. I was searching for the the origin of this award and saw this hilarious entry.
The idea of this award is for one blogger to nominate another blogger so that they may know each other and for others to discover new blogs.


- Link back to the person that nominated you for this award.
- Give 11 random facts about yourself.
- Answer 11 questions from your nominator.
- Nominate 11 bloggers.
- Come up with 11 questions for your nominees and inform them that you have nominated them.

11 Random facts about me

1. I don't use condiments. Yes, I eat my burgers and fries plain,
2. I love watching movies; I watched 279 movies last year.
3. I'm a bit crazy. Like "being furious at inanimate objects and then proceed to the crying phase, where I don't really cry because there's no tears" crazy and "being obsessed with one person or object and spontaneously tells every person I know about them" crazy.
4. I have tons of nicknames (e.g. Johnny Bravo, Cindy, Janina, etc.)
5. When I was young I wanted to be an astronaut. I still want to be.
6. Beside from reading, I cross-stitch, draw and use Photoshop voraciously.
7. I don't like pizzas with pepperoni and/or mushroom. I like my pizza plain.
8. I'm a computer engineering student. I'm on my 3rd year now. Whoop. 2 more to go!
9. When I was young, I didn't read novels. I read encyclopedias, specifically The Heavens and The Earth from Macmillan's Encyclopedia of Science.
10. I have unnatural fear of calling someone via phones. That's why I prefer texting although I'm bad at replying at phone texts.
11. I don't drink coffees or teas. They make my stomach ache.

11 questions from Patricia

1. When did you become an avid reader?
I became an avid reader about mid-year last year. Although I started collecting books when I was on my first year high school, last year has been a memorable year for me as a reader.
2. What are you currently reading and how are you liking it so far?
Luckiest Girl Alive, it reminds me of Gone Girl, a novel/movie that I loved to bits, so I'm loving it so far and Paris Time Capsule, this book reminds me of the movie Letters to Juliet, a movie that I don't like; not really, so that's a so-so.
3. Top 3 overhyped books (i.e. the books everyone loves but you didn't like that much)?
The Selection, sorry people, I only liked the last installment, The One. I also didn't like The Maze Runner and Paper Towns that much.
4. Most anticipated book release for 2015?
I have so many books that I am anticipating this year but here are some: Jenny Han's P.S. I Still Love You, David Levithan's Another Day, Andrew Smith's Stand Off, Mary E. Pearson's The Heart of Betrayal, William Ritter's Beastly Bones. Notice somethings? All the titles I've listed are second installments. 
5. What Hogwarts house do you belong in, or if you're not signed up to Pottermore, what house do you think you belong in?
I belong in Ravensclaw.
6. A character you love to hate?
Actually, there are a lot of characters that I love to hate. Most of them are girls. Annoying girls.
7. Your OTP?
Me and my favorite male characters.
8. Your guilty pleasure read?
Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your Number. That novel is hilarious. Like off Richter scale.
9. A character everyone loves but you despise?
Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass. Despite everyone falling over her feet, I don't like her. She's annoying and immature. Sorry Throne of Glass fanatics.
10. Your favourite book quote?
Shatter Me's "I spent my life folded between the pages of books. In the absence of human relationships I formed bonds with paper characters. I lived love and loss through stories threaded in history; I experienced adolescence by association. My world is one interwoven web of words, stringing limb to limb, bone to sinew, thoughts and images all together. I am a being comprised of letters, a character created by sentences, a figment of imagination formed through fiction."
11. A book you are willing to read, or have read, over and over and over again?
I'm not in a habit of re-reading books but I've read Shatter Me trilogy many times.

11 questions from Michaela

1. Favorite Booktuber?
2. Favorite author?
Tahereh Mafi, Anna Banks, Rainbow Rowell & Alison Pirot.
3. Do you have a favorite book nook/ reading spot?
I don't have favorite book nook but I mostly read in my bed.
4. What do you like to drink while reading? Tea, coffee, hot cocoa, Starbucks, etc...?
I do not drink coffee or tea and I do not like drinking while reading because it makes my hands wet because I'm clumsy like that.
5. Why did you start a blog?
I honestly don't know.
6. Favorite movie/book adaptation?
Gone Girl. That movie is a killer. And all of Jane Austen's film adaptation.
7. What book turned you into a reader/ bookworm?
Finally! The book that turned me into a reader is Alison Pirot's Can You Promise Me Spring? I remember reading this book late at night with my flash light on, on my first year of high school.
8. Favorite Classic?
I invoke my right to remain silent.
9. A book read in school that you thought would be bad, but actually turned out to be really good?
We don't read novels in school, only informative books like Calculus Ninth Edition or Java Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design or Politics and Governance, so please understand when I'll skip this one.
10. What book made you want to burn it and throw it to China, but you still LOVED it? Basically #allthefeels.
Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park and Landline?
11. A book that you could talk about for hours on end and read at least 50 times a day?
Tahereh Mafi's Unravel Me. I love that book to bits.

My question to my nominees:

1. When did you start reading?
2. What book got you into reading?
3. Dog-ear or bookmark?
4. What are the books that you want to burn because of the cover, A.K.A. Ugly-ass covers?
5. What's your favorite book of all time. That's book not books.
6. Hardbacks or paperbacks?
7. Do you highlight or annotate your book, or do you keep your books unnaturally clean?
8. What's your favorite book cover, so far?
9. Do you lend your books?
10. Do you borrow books?
11. How do you read? You're welcome to interpret this.

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