ARC August Update 2

ARC August is a challenge created by Octavia and Shelly Read.Sleep.Repeat. The gist of this challenge is to read as many ARCs you can read. Doesn't matter if it's a physical copy or an e-copy, it just have to be an ARC.

This week, I've read 2 ARCs, namely Has to be Love and If You Dare. I read books really fast; heck I can read two full-length novel in a day. But this week, I had to prioritize uni because I'm miserably failing in my classes. So yeah. How the hell I manage to squeeze this two ARCs was actually amazing, if you ask me.


This was my updated list of to-be-read ARCs.

Now, I'm trying to to read *long-ass title alert!* Everything You and I Could Have Been If We Weren't You and I by Albert Espinosa and I'll also try The Line Between Us by Tamsyn Bester. Also I have a lot of ARCs that I received in my Kindle so I'll add that to my list next time.