August Wrap-Up + Real Books Challenge Update


          Andddd that's it for August! This month, I've read a lot of books compare to my other monthly total reads. It's because this month, I joined the challenge ARC August. I have a lot of ARCs in my NetGalley account and I finally read most of the past-due ARCs.

What I've read this month (with my rating):
(the title bold-ed was a book I enjoyed reading so much)

Made for Us: ★★
What You Left Behind★★★★★
The One That I Want: ★★★☆☆
The Heartbreakers: ☆☆☆☆


Through Waters Deep★★★
Has to be Love: ★★☆☆
If You Dare: ★★★
Everything You and I Could Have Been If We Weren't You and I: ☆☆


Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between★★★
Own Me: ★★☆☆
Threats of Sky and Sea: ★★★
Riot of Storm and Smoke: 


Alexa Crushed: ★★
Illuminae: ★★
Meant to Be: ★★

Total book this month: 15
2015 Goal: 125
2015 so far: 110



2015 Goal: 11-20
2015 total so far: 7

        Four books, whaaaaat?! That's a pretty huge amount of physical books compare to my last update (which is 2 haha.)
          And if you're thinking, "That's low," let me get this straight: I'm an engineering student my uni books alone are so heavy that I cannot bring a physical copy of a novel (no matter how freaking small it is). I go to school from 7-6. How I manage to squeeze in read those books (physical and/or not) is a fucking mystery. Also, I almost always have back pains (because of scoliosis? Not sure) so I don't really bring unnecessary (not that novels are unnecessary but you know what I mean) stuff.
          Pretty solid excuse? Thought so, too.


  1. Great choices this month, pretty. I'm bummed that you didn't like THE HEARTBREAKERS :( But yay for all the books you did enjoy! Thanks for participating in the Real Books Challenge this month!