The Evolution of my Bookstagram Feed

If you don't already know, I have a "bookstagram" account! And if you also didn't know what bookstagram is, let me give you the shortest yet understandable answer. Bookstagram is just a plain 'ole instagram account where you post books you read, want to read and all other bookish stuff.I started my account way back in 2014 (I can't remember the date) and I have since purged it. I know! I shouldn't have deleted my very first post so that I have motivations and stuff but, well, it had happened. I started my account because that year (2014), I have been really into reading. I have a personal instagram account then and I browse books and book-related stuff all day. There, I find new books to read, where to buy books and other bookwormsdragon quirks. Before I know it, I made my own bookstagram account, too. I used my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone to take pictures back then. Now, I use my sister's iPhone 5s because I still can't buy my own camera.

Anyway, on July 4, 2014 was my very first post. This is the photo I posted:

Since I said I'd restart my feed, it seems fitting to post a book with the title, "The Beginning of Everything." Pretty clever, don't you think?
After that, I try this ever popular "theme" in my feed. Themes basically makes your feed looks put together. Below, you would see the different phases of my bookstagram feed:

The Faded Phase
a.k.a. VSCOcam Phase

The Bluish-undertone Phase

The Bright & Dark Phase

The Darker Phase

The Black X Phase
a.k.a. the longest phase

The Random Phase (current)

I, personally, like the Black X phase because it make me think creatively. I'm still finding the theme that suits me so I'd love if you would tell me what phase you like the best.

Bookstagram is not about being popular, its about sharing thoughts and stuff to other book lovers.


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