Review Policy

Authors, publicists, or anyone interested in having their books or stuff reviewed/featured in this blog:
  • I am currently not accepting any review requests (or blog posts). 
  • Keep in mind that I am not a professional reviewer.
  • Preferred format: paperback/print copy or ebooks in mobi/epub format
  • I do not "DNF" a book so you can be sure that I finish the whole book before my review. In case of DNF, I'll contact you.
  • I reserve the right to accept or decline your request.

I read:
  • Contemporary, romance, retelling, military, high fantasy, historical fiction, mystery & thriller, women's fiction
  • Young adult, new adult, adult
I do not review:
  • Erotica, fae, non-fiction, self-help, religion/spirituality, paranormal romance, photobooks, poetry
  • Middle grade, children's

If you understand all of the things I've listed above, please fill up the contact form or email me at silvamaryjane41(@)yahoo(dot)com with complete book details. I'll reply shortly after I've read your email.

In compliance with FTC guidelines, I'll disclose that I've received the book for free through the publisher/author or whatnot.