Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

TITLE: Since You've Been Gone
AUTHOR: Morgan Matson

- - - - -

Very teen-y and relatable.
And just look at this beautiful dust jacket. This book focuses on Emily and her journey to find her best friend, Sloane. Emily received a letter (the list) from Sloane. She figured that she have to cross out everything in the letter in order to find where Sloane is, that is why Sloane sent her the letter in the first place right? What she didn't knew was that she's about to find more than her friend.

A story about family, love and ultimately friendship. The first part of the part wasn't really appealing to me, maybe because I'm adjusting with the frequent Sloane-induced memories/flashbacks. But as the story progresses, I found that this was really interesting, especially the letter a.k.a. the list. Morgan Matson really has a way to make lists so appealing. I'll bet that she could make a grocery list look captivating.

Anyways, like I said, it's about friendship, family matters and, of course, love. Thus, making it very teen-y for me. Because that's what teens are trying to discover, right? The true meaning of those ergo it's somewhat relate-able. What I never liked was the cliche-d "I knew what you're about to say, so you don't have to say it anymore." Another classic example of this is Anna and the French Kiss.

Anyhow, let's gush with this pretty pretty dust jacket! And the inside, too.