Charlotte's Secret: Demon's Love by Maryam Malik

TITLE: Charlotte's Secret: Demon's Love
AUTHOR: Maryam Malik
(twitter: @Maryam_Malik41)
PUBLICATION DATE: December 15th, 2014
MY RATING: ★★★★★
ACQUIRED COPY: PDF (176 pages)

"Fear is not to be mistaken for weakness. It is not for the cowardly. It only comes to the brave, to surrender itself—so you may alas conquer it."

The story is set in England during its dark ages where we find Julian being condemned for his wife's - charlotte's - murder. To Julian's surprise, Charlotte is a royal princess. He have to find a way to prove himself innocent. That's when he was rescued by an unexpected guardian. He eventually learns the secrets of CHarlotte. And now, he have to decide who to trust and how far he is willing to go for the only woman he ever loved.
- - -

What a great debut book! The synopsis is really interesting, captivating even. it was really fresh And gripping. Although I was really picky with writing styles, Malik's writing style amazed me. She knew how to explain everything well. Everything is just utterly vivid. It would be great if she could have focused in the world building though.
The characters aren't developed that well but there is a sequel so there's still space for improvement. Owen, Cassandra, Watson, Julian and Gale are so fun and exciting to read, especially when they are together. It irked me how Julian practically worships Charlotte. Charlotte, who's very mysterious and underdeveloped. I couldn't understand why people are willing to do everything for her because her character's not elaborated clearly.
Overall, this book is a good one. Memorable but not that great.