Words of the Past by Suren Hakobyan

TITLE: Words of the Past
AUTHOR: Suren Hakobyan

PUBLICATION DATE: December 29TH, 2014
MY RATING: ★★★★★

"You never know your deep desires."

This book revolves around our main character, Mher, and his unforgotten first love. Mher, by the way, is a writer and has a wife and son.
It started off with Facebook comment. I personally think that if you would chat with someone you should do it in the chat box not in the comment. So it irks me to read their catching up in the comment bar. Anyway, that's just my personal preference.
The writing style and story flow was neat. Everything is clear and vivid. Suren Hakobyan surely knows how to paint pictures with words.
I'm not a fan of the characters though. Especially Ellen and Mher; I think they're pretentious and insensitive.
The happenings, however, at the last part of the book isn't something I approve. I know Mher has a mind of his own but I can't help but judge him anyway. I do not like/approve, condemn it even, of cheating in any way. Right from the start he's comparing his love for his wife to his first love. I get it that first love lasts but you shouldn't compare the degree of love; that's where cheating starts, I guess.
Overall, the book is great because it tackles about first love which most of us can relate to. I just wish that he move on already. THis book could've been better.