The Fine Art of Pretending by Rachel Harris

TITLE: The Fine Art of Pretending
SERIES: The Fine Art of Pretending
AUTHOR: Rachel Harris
 (twitter: @RachelHarrisbks)
PUBLICATION DATE: September 30th 2014
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There are two types of girls in Fairfield Academy, the Casuals and the Commitments. And Alyssa Reed keeps falling into the second type. Just ask her best friend, Brandon Taylor.
With only a year to change her rank, she devise a plan to become the first type before homecoming by snagging a date with the notorious player Justin Carter. But she'll need someone to make Justin notice her. And alas, enter, her best friend, Brandon. He'll be her pretend boyfriend until Justin notices her. but when the plan actually worked, Aly and Brandon's friendship was left in shambles. They both discover that pretending is a lot harder than they thought it would be.

Although this was an enjoyable read, I have to point out that the plot of the book is cliché. It's the basic 'girl wants to be noticed by the hottest guy so she needs her best friend, who happens to be the second hottest guy, to be her pretend boyfriend' cliche.
I've only read one book from Rachel Harris and so far, I'm lovin' her writing style, it's fun and adorable; definitely my style.
Harris manages to make great group of characters. And although it's a clique of high school stereotypes, their playful banters were fun to read nonetheless. I especially liked Alyssa's character, she's dynamic; she developed really well, better than the rest. Aly and Brandon's snarky remarks and playful banter is really fun to read, it was really sweet.
The pacing, however, is a bit slow for my liking. I was actually surprised when I found out this has only 256 pages. It frustrated me that the relationship of the two main characters keep getting back to where it started.
I'm a sucker for sweet contemporary romance which is probably why I picked up this book. And it was really entertaining to read this book.