Review || The White Aura series by Felicia Tatum

White Aura
If he meets her, she will die. Twenty year old sorcerer and college student Scott Tabors knew he’d found his heart mate the moment he saw seventeen year old Olivia Whitehead outside of a coffee shop. He longs for her, he wants her, and he knows she will be his. But due to a curse on his family, he can’t meet her. Not yet. So for now, he visits her in her dreams, where he can tell her everything but his name.

Olivia Whitehead and her best friend Juniper are enjoying their junior year and are as close as sisters. But Olivia can’t tell anyone about the strange changes she’s experiencing, beginning with steamy dreams featuring a mysterious dark haired young man. But what will happen when the school heartthrob starts showing interest? Will she wait around for her dream man, or will she move on?

Then, when Olivia’s life is put in danger by a new threat, Scott must find a way to save her – without condemning her to an early death.

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The Vessel
Scott and Olivia survive a nearly deadly school dance, but the aftermath of their meeting has everyone who loves them looking for answers. And when Olivia is thrust into a terrifying situation that pushes her to her limits, she must learn for herself what she is capable of.

She loves Scott, but her parents have disappeared, her grouchy brother has come back to town, and mysterious men are tailing them both. As mysteries swirl around Olivia’s family, Scott must help her discover more about who she truly is—while he races to find the last living descendant of Devlin Hart, the sorcerer who cursed the Tabors family.

With all of this, can their new love grow? It is further tested by an unexpected rival with a claim on Olivia’s heart. Scott will have to fight his jealousy to continue to woo the woman he loves. With the stress of searching for so many answers on his shoulders, will Scott be able to keep Olivia’s heart?

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Devlin's Descendant
Searching for the sorcerer whose death will set Olivia free from the curse, Scott learns that finding an answer sometimes only brings more questions. As Scott grapples with his horrifying discovery, Olivia uncovers information that could rip his family apart, and Sadie is holding on to a secret of her own.

In book three of the White Aura series, the group searches for the mysterious Sorcery Council, Olivia’s parents, and Aiden, who might just be recaptured by an agent of the Crimson Calamitous. Plus, Olivia’s 18th birthday is getting closer, but they are no closer to real answers. What will happen when Scott reveals the shocking identity of the descendant?

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Unbound Destinies
Olivia’s eighteenth birthday is drawing closer, and with it, the curse threatening to take her life.

Olivia is on a mission to save herself and all those she holds dear in this final installment of the White Aura series. When everyone comes unbound, Scott, Olivia, and those they love must work together to save them all from the council.

Can Olivia fulfill the requirements given to her in order to keep her growing powers? Will the curse claim Olivia’s life before they have a chance to destroy those that threaten everything they value? Will Aiden lose his soul to The Crimson Calamitous?

All of these answers are revealed as Olivia questions everything she’s known in the race to defeat two ancient and powerful sorcerers.

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My thoughts and whatnot

Because this is a series review, there might be spoiler-y content.
My (general) rating: ★★★☆☆ [3.25 stars]

Premise - This has quite a unique plot. I know I said it in most of my reviews but it's true, this one's has set itself apart from all the books in the same genre. It has a very refreshing idea of sorcery meet vampire/fae/shape-shifter and stuff. This series started off very light, a girl dreaming about a boy, which technically means dream boy, but as the story progresses, it made a great difference from how it started.

Character/s - Olivia Whitehead was one tough character. It took me quite a while to like her. Ironic, I know, since this series definitely revolves around her. I gotta admit, though, she's honest, witty and bad-ass, set of characteristics that isn't easy to see in others. Scott Tabors, same with Livvie, he's a very tough character to take. Together this two is freaking sweet! To the point where they often forgot about people surrounding them, haha. Although Scott has a mean streak of jealousy that won't go away until book three.

There are a lot of characters that I won't delve into but I have to give my Aiden a spotlight he needed; not that he didn't get the right limelight in the book but whatever. Aiden started off as this bad boy. No, literally, an evil sorcerer. Everyone in the book seems to hate him. I don't though. I know that every story has two sides and book one only offered the "good" side. Good thing that they gave the "bad" guy the chance to redeem himself.

Writing technique/style - I love Felicia's writing style. It's easy to read, really. From the first book, which caters two point of views, down to the last book, that offers multiple point of views; both in first person.
It took me quite a while to warm up with this set-up but as the book went on, I realize that it's fun this way and I got to know more of the characters.
What I don't like here, was everyone seems to hate the "bad" guy even though they hardly have enough evidence that would prove their claim (they're goody-goody). There's always two side of the story and it pisses me off that every character here seems to have a black and white perspective. Either they're good or they're bad. Everyone has their flaws so not everyone can be as "good" as them.

World building - For a fantasy novel/series I expected a lot more than this offered. The world wasn't greatly built. It was almost haphazardly done. The "evidence" just shows up because they forgot about it or it suddenly came to their sharp minds. This element could've been better.

Misc. - The ending was superb. I wouldn't change anything in it.
Is this series a page turner? Yes! Despite my average rating, this is very much a page-turner.
Would I re-read it again? There are a lot of scenes that I love in this book, so you bet I gotta re-read this again if I have a free time.

About the author:
Felicia Tatum was born and raised in Tennessee. She always loved reading, and at the age of twelve began writing. Her passion for creating stories grew and in May 2012, she finally wrote her first novel, The White Aura.

She still lives in Tennessee with her daughter and her kitty. She loves cooking, books, and animals are some of her best friends. She watches a lot of Disney channel and often dreams up new book ideas. She's currently working on various projects. She's the author of the White Aura series, Scarred Hearts series, and Intoxicating Passion series.
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