I'm baaaaack!

I don't exactly know everything but you know the flow.

I don't know if you know this, or if you care, but I've been MIA this past week.
I have not posted anything and/or failed to post some blitz and cover reveals that I signed up to. I sincerely apologize for not being able to post on time or post at all. (I'm actually surprised that my blog peaked a higher view count, than other days, this day when I haven't posted anything) But see, there are reasons for that.

My first, and mainly, reason was our internet connection was cut. It's probably because of the typhoon or whatever. We've contacted our "trust-y" telecommunication company but we aren't able to talk with their customer service operator. Apparently, we've already passed a complaint and they’re already processing it. For one freaking week? Talk about bullshit.

If I replied to anybody in my email, that's because I'm using either the mall or uni’s library's internet, which only last for an hour, by the way. Right now, I still haven’t read some of my emails because I’m such a poor bloke and wouldn’t want to spend money in loading my phone.

Secondly, I got sick. My sister, mother, block mates, has cold. Everybody apparently has a cold so my traitorous body wanted to be "in". But the thing is, when I have a cold, it's the worst one.That coupled with the fact that I can't miss uni, it developed into a full-blown flu. I have to go to classes from seven to six and you may probably get the gist. My body cannot handle it so I got sick for almost a week. And here am I still sniffing as I typed this so-called apology "comeback".

Also, I may have went overboard when applying to book blitz and cover reveals. I have too much on my plate right now, with the blog and review responsibilities and the exams and classes I felt too stressed.

Anyway, we have our internet connection back and guess what? I'll be posting more frequently! I wince when thinking of all the missed blog posts and memes that I have scheduled. I'm a girl who schedules everything in my blog so not being able to post really pissed me off. Anyway, before I completely veer out of my apology, I'll end it here.