September Wrap-Up + Real Books Challenge Update?


          It's already October whaaaat? Where did you go, September?

September has been a pretty good month to me, in every aspect of my reading life. I managed to read fourteen (14) books; fourteen books, people! I also went to a Colleen Hoover/Tarynn Fisher/ Christine Brae book signing and it was totally cool. Plus, I finished my Goodreads challenge! Those are such a pretty good great feat considering my uni classes.

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Jane has
completed her goal of reading 125 books in 2015!

Anyway, here are the list of the books I've read this month (with my rating):
(the title bold-ed was a book I enjoyed reading so much, I also linked some of the books with my reviews)

Shattered Blue★★
The Foxglove Killings★★★★
The Same Deep Water★★★★
Don't Get Me Wrong: ★★

Lost and Found: ★★
Next Stop: Love★★★★
The Finn Factor★★★★
Your Voice is All I Hear: ★★

Are You Still There★★
Beyond What is Given★★★★
Romancing the Dark in the City of Light: ★★
Doing It For Love★★★★

Not Interested in Love: ★★★★
I'll Be There: ★★

Total book this month: 14
2015 Goal: 125
2015 so far: 126


2015 Goal: 11-20
2015 total so far: 8

          One book. I only managed to read one fucking physical book. I thought I didn't read any physical books, guess I'm wrong. But that's great I guess, there are still many weeks to go before the year ends.