I'm back!

I've been gone for so long that I was contemplating on discontinuing this blog altogether but then I came to my senses and I remember how I loved writing blog posts, so here I am trying not to abandon this blog (because I've come to love it)

It's been almost nine months (NINE MONTHS!!!) since I last posted here on this blog. My last post was on July 2016 before I went MIA. I have just got back to posting on my bookstagram account and I'm still trying to test if I can get back to posting regularly (note: I wrote this intro last February when I thought I could publish this post). I think I can manage.

Why I've been gone:
I've been very vague with my explanation (didn't really offer any lols) onto why I was gone and I'd like to explain it a little further.
I'm gone because of one reason, just one: school works.
I am failing (miserably, if I may add) a lot of my enrolled courses and that just wouldn't do. I love reading to pieces but in that instance, reading voraciously is a habit I have to break. I have to focus on my studies. I don't want to fail any classes now that I'm almost finished with college (I'm currently on my fourth year now so two more semesters to go!). Not only that, I want to graduate with flying colors, I want to make my parents proud, I want to pay off everything that they have done for me.

Why I'm back:
Reading is always, and will always be, one of the constant thing in my life and I love talking about it. I really don't have a day where I don't talk about a book or reading (or movies and TV shows). A day without it is really boring. Anyway, I'm having my summer internship right now but somehow things are doing smoothly - I can read more books, watch movies, and catch-up with my favorite TV shows. Being able to do all those is making me feel pleased and proud and only one thing is missing - blogging. Not that I've been a very great blogger but I really missed doing this so... yeah.
(also, my sister is teasing me about not writing blog posts anymore lol)