Blog Tour | Purple Kisses by Priya Prithviraj (Illustrated by Niveditha Warrier)

Purple Kisses
by Priya Prithviraj
Illutrated by: Niveditha Warrier
Publisher: The Linnet's Wings
Release Date: December 31st 2017
Source:  Priya Prithviraj
Genre/s: Poetry, Art
Art, Poetry and Illustration "Priya found a very genuine and original way to tell stories and hopefully she will continue to explore this universe by creating more poetic stories, encouraging the mind to fly far away, although for a short while, in a world of purple kisses and a life of colours.


my thoughts & whatnot

I've read quite a few poetry books but this one is very unique. And by unique, I really meant it.  Poetry is an art of its own but mix it together with stunning visual art — each line goes together with an illustration — and it's truly a masterpiece. This book is gorgeous in every way possible. And even though this is shorter than other poetry books that I've read (so far, I think), it was a very pleasant read (the last line really hit the spot for me).

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About the author:
Priya Prithviraj writes poems which appear in journals such as Eastlit and the New Plains Review. She also writes about books, writing and publishing on her blog.
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About the illustrator:
Niveditha Warrier is a fine art photographer whose works have been published in various national and international magazines like International Contemporary Artists Magazine published from New York and Athens,Greece, Toer magazine, White Crow Art Daily. She has illustrated for various cultural magazines. Learn more about her work in